MHM Financial Services, Inc. (MHMFS) is a full service certified public accounting firm headquartered in Washington, DC.  We provide high quality financial accounting, consulting, and compliance auditing services to governmental entities, small businesses and non-profit organizations.  We are CBE certified as a local business enterprise (LBE), a small business enterprise (SBE), and a development zone enterprise (DZE).  Additionally, we maintain disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) certification with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority as well as local disadvantaged business enterprise certification (LDBE) with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.  Currently, our firm has three principals and a team of professionals providing services throughout the east coast. MHMFS is 100% minority-owned.

Our most important objective is to provide quality, efficient, professional personalized services to our clients. MHMFS is proficient in generally accepted accounting principles, generally accepted government auditing standards, Yellow Book requirements, Federal Acquisition Regulations Part 31, various Codes of Federal Regulations, the fundamentals of contract law, Davis-Bacon and Related Acts, and Transportation industry “best practices.”